A+ EuroTEC

About us

Using Data Science & AI –
cost reduction and security  in Marketing & Customer insight.

We advise companies on issues and projects from  Data Science, Machine Learning & AI.

A+ EuroTEC GmbH is a consulting company for Data Science, Machine Learning & AI. We support our customers in the definition and implementation of data science and AI projects. Our data science team consists of qualified and outsource employees from various academic fields such as Computer science, statistics, economics, machine learning and AI. A+ EuroTEC’s modern and distributed structure can significantly reduce costs for our customers, increase security B2C projects and complete work on time.

Data Science & AI Consulting

We support you in the definition of use cases and the development of your company’s data strategy.


Security & Customer insight

We analyze the behavior of customers and identify violations in the security of the system.
Fraud prevention.


Model development

Development and programming of machine learning & AI models to solve your challenges.


Build-in Statistics & UX Design

We will set up statistics collection for analysis from your customers and optimize the UX design of your applications.

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If you have any questions or would you like become more information about what exactly can we do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.