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Python & Data Science

Python is currently frequently used, particularly in the areas of advanced machine learning, deep learning and AI. Python is a fully-fledged, interpreted programming language that is also used for data science and other purposes.
Our machine learning experts are already using Python as data science tool and have developed tried and tested models and tools with which you can quickly and efficiently use the advantages of Python for your analytics projects.

Machine learning functions

Python is particularly characterized by the wide range of functions in the ML and AI area.


Web applications

Python can be used with various web frameworks such as Django to deploy models.


Data and Databases

Python offers interfaces for import and export for all relevant data types and databases.

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Open source software

Open source licensing means that there are no license costs for using Python.


Deep learning

Various deep learning libraries, including e.g. Google TensorFlow, are exclusively available in Python.


Full programming language

Python is a fully object-oriented programming language with class system, inheritance, etc.

Python for your Projects

The open source tool Python is used by data scientists worldwide today. The diverse possibilities that result from the full-fledged programming language make Python the best solution , especially in the operative environment.

We show you the potential of Python for your data science projects and questions.

Together with you, our data scientists develop Python code and machine learning models that you can integrate into your systems.
We support you continuously in developing your data science competence and developing analytics projects.