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Hadoop & Data Science

Hadoop is a distributed open source database technology from the big data environment, which, in addition to pure data storage, is also suitable for data analysis and model development.
The Apache Foundation project Hadoop is now a best practice tool in the field of big data. Hadoop enables large amounts of data to be distributed across multiple computers and is based on the map-reduce concept. The Hadoop has file system HDFS and distributed the data.
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Open source licensing

Apache Hadoop is an open source tool and can therefore be used free of charge for your data science projects and cases.


Wide Spread

Hadoop can often be found in the big data environment and, alongside Spark, continues to develop into the standard.


Parallelized Calculations

Thanks to the parallelized Hadoop file system, many computationally intensive jobs can be executed and completed faster.


Continuous development

The open source community is constantly developing Hadoop and the Hadoop ecosystem.

Hadoop for your Projects

Hadoop for your Projects

Many machine learning technologies allow Hadoop clusters to be used as a database in order to process large amounts of data. The Hadoop ML Framework Mahout also allows basic machine learning models to be created with Hadoop.

We support you in the planning and implementation of your data science projects with Hadoop and use modern tools to use the Hadoop infrastructure.

Our data scientists use tools such as Mahout Machine Learning to develop applications to solve your data science problems.
We support you continuously in developing your data science competence and developing analytics projects.