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TensorFlow & Data Science

TensorFlow is Google’s open source machine learning framework for programming complex neural networks and deep learning models in Python.

TensorFlow was developed by Google to give their machine learning developers the opportunity to design complex deep learning models according to their ideas.

It is suitable for both pure research and productive operation in companies.

TensorFlow can perform calculations on both the CPU and the GPU and can be used in single-node operation as well as on distributed systems. This makes it possible to map models of network architectures


CPU, GPU architecture

Models can be run on single-node CPU and/or GPU instances for maximum performance.



The framework has various deployment options, including a mobile engine and a server.

Python interface

TensorFlow is primarily used via the Python interface, in which the models are specified and trained.

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Open source license

The use of TensorFlow is completely free of charge as it is made available under an open source license.

TensorFlow for your Projects

TensorFlow enables you to use neural networks and deep learning for your projects.

TensorFlow has no graphical user interface and is therefore usually suitable. Only for experienced data and computer scientists. We support you in the use of TensorFlow in your data science and deep learning projects.

Our data scientists develop deep learning models for you to solve your business cases and data science questions.
We support you continuously in developing your data science competence and developing analytics projects.