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Data Science in Forecasting

Forecasting models allow you to accurately predict sales trends, KPIs and other chronologically ordered data using statistics and machine learning in the future.

Forecasting allows you to know future KPIs such as sales, transactions, conversions, etc. today and to plan accordingly in the future. Efficient planning and control of future developments holds massive potential for many companies.

The development of forecasting systems is a central competence of our data scientists.

Forecasting models from statistics and machine learning form the core of forecasting logic, often also in hybrid setups as a decision support system, and are developed in data science tools. After implementation, the forecasts are often automatically calculated and stored in databases for further use.


Sales & Demand Forecasting

Creation of forecast models to forecast demand, sales and other relevant KPIs.


Sequence pattern

Modeling of categorical sequence patterns and temporal events with neural networks.


Financial forecasting

Forecasting movements on the capital market with complex models from statistics and machine learning.


Time Series Forecasting

Development of predictive models for time series data or chronologically ordered data and sequence patterns.

FORECASTING in E‑commerce

Forecasting models from statistics and machine learning can be applied to a wide variety of questions in companies and form the basis for future-oriented, data-driven decisions.

To develop the forecasting models, we use tools with an open source license, which we integrate into your systems via appropriate interfaces to automate the forecasts. Use our expertise in the forecasting area and thus generate transparent and precise decision-making bases for planning your business.

Forecasting models allow you to know your business in the future today.