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Deep learning in E‑commerce

Deep learning has developed into a core technology in the machine learning area and is used by big companies to solve the most complex machine learning and AI problems.

Data science issues such as classification or regression can also be modeled with deep learning.

Deep learning enables the neural network to automatically derive interactions and abstractions from the data that would previously have had to be developed manually. However, training deep learning models requires a lot of experience and sensitivity.


Scoring / forecasting

Development of models for classification and regression through feed-forward networks and related network architectures.


Sequence forecast

Modeling of sequential information and prognosis of new sequences.



Processing of textual information and contexts.


Generative models

Generate new information and data sets based on already known data.

Data Science in the Deep Learning Area

Deep learning is viewed by many data scientists as future technology in the field of machine learning and AI.

Our data scientists advise you on the development of deep learning cases and projects, program the required models in tools such as Python and TensorFlow and implement the models in your IT environment. Take advantage of the exciting opportunities that deep learning offers for your business.