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Tableau & Data Science

With Tableau you create dashboards and interactive applications to analyze your data.
Tableau makes it easy to present complex data in appealing applications and interactive dashboards. Tableau shows its strengths particularly in the area of ​​visual analytics, i.e. in the interactive, visual analysis of data Tableau is the most widely used visual analytics tool.

High-end visualizations

The quality of the visualizations with tableau is consistently high and these can be adjusted down to the last detail.


In-memory Calculations

The in-memory engine from Tableau enables large amounts of data to be presented to the user with high performance.


Interfaces to Databases

Tableau has dozens of interfaces to every imaginable data and database source.


Pyhon Engine

Tableau enables Python code to be executed in the dashboard and thus opens the door to machine learning.

Tableau for your Projects

As part of data science projects, Tableau can be used both for data exploration and for the visualization of results from complex machine learning models.
The latter use case in particular enables the addressees of the project to use intuitive tools to understand the results of forecasts, scorings and other model outputs, and then to further process them and derive measures in the technical process.

Together with you, our data scientists develop interactive tableau applications for the exploration and visualization of your data and models.
We support you continuously in developing your data science competence and developing analytics projects.